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The act of removing a bloody tampon from your partner's menstruating vagina with your teeth, followed by a violent thrashing of your head side to side in order to paint your cheeks red like a native American warrior preparing for battle. Simultaneously, you penetrate your partner while screaming a traditional native American battle cry.
In order to show my girlfriend how much I love her, I performed the Indian Warrior for our Tenth Anniversary.
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by Dr. Infant January 19, 2017
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The act of removing a tampon with teeth from an actively menstrating female, while biting the string move head in all directions quickly to apply face paint. Then dispose of the tampon and proceed to have sex while doing a war cry.
She's on the rag again, I guess I'll have to Indian warrior sex it tonight.
by O2phat4u11 July 06, 2015
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