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A School that feels like a greenhouse. With overpriced food(pizza is mad out of cardboard, Pasta is 95% water.) there are a few good teachers but most just teach you rubbish. The head cares more about your uniform than your education and will send you home for showing an inch of a anchel. Every now and again someone phones up claiming that there’s a bomb and the whole place has to shut down for a couple hours while the police search it. Full of Newcastle fans and a couple Sunderland fans, with a few Man Utd fans dotted about as well. ex-pe teacher / now assistant director has made it his life’s mission to get everyone to go to lessons every morning before the bell goes. Highlights include fire drills, substitute teachers and going home.
Old man: what’s that old greenhouse on the hill that’s made of glass.

Boy: that’s consett academy, where they put hell, forced education and the desert all in one place
by ChristsChin May 25, 2019
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a disease filled school full of chavs, nerds and people who think they're hard because they either vape or smoke. the main vision of the school is students first, however every student apparently has depression and will say that this is not the case because they care more about uniform and attendance. overall just don't go to this school or send your child to this school.

however Mr Ulman is a literal God
Man 1 - what school does your son go to?

Man 2 - consett academy

Man 1 - Get out
by Biggie Charlie August 11, 2019
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