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A conservative chav, also known as Nashville chav, is a chav variant with blue jeans, any old T-shirt, a pair of tennie shoes, baseball cap, and may or may not 'cross era dress'. Some chavs may pick the 1980s style while others will pick the late 1990s. Jackets can come in variety between leather jacket, from some of the cheapest coats to the more expensive North Face jackets. Fleece is extremely popular fashion for a conservative chav. These Chavs are supposed to deer hunters/fishing/bowhunting in the Midwest US.

- sports branded baseball cap
- fleece
- 3-8 year old T-shirt
- blue jeans or designer cargo pants
- tennie shoes
- puffy side burns and lots of hair
- slightly unshaven
- avoids haircut sometimes.
- no jewelry or maybe a cheap neckless
- non fancy watch (Timex Ironman or Castaway for example)
- pro-capitalist
- not nearly as aggressive as the actual chav culture it is based off of.
Guy 1: What kind of Chav does the Midwestern chav look?
Guy 2: They're all conservatives or liberal-conservatives or some kind of conservative. The John McCain or Michael Steele or Reagon Democrats.
Guy 1: Juez, the conservative chav counter-culture looks weird.
Guy 2: Yep, these people think there is something greater than the latest style like President Bush fashion style.
Guy 1: Whatever. I dig urban cowboys.
by Hellads March 08, 2009
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