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A conservative turned media whore.
They will constantly interrupt people when it is not their turn to talk, and do just about everything to get their voice heard.

The legend has it that after the conservative has proved themself to be batshit crazy, he/she/it signs a pact with the Devil, and then are promised a half-life full of airtime.

The only reason that the devil deals with these people is because of his ties with Faux-er, I mean Fox-News.
He totally makes serious moolah when these goons appear on TV.

Needless to say, these people give a bad name to the respectable and sensible conservatives.

"Ann Coulter is a prime example of a conservaskank; she kept interrupting the show's host even though he was agreeing with her, thus showing the world what a crazy bat she is."

"Debbie Schlussel is only invited onto various news and radio stations because of her retarded political views. Her purpose is to mystify people with her unsolvable mystery: How someone so well-educated has turned into such a racist, ignorant, webtrolling conservaskank."

"Hey man, that person is really conservaskankin'!"
by Sereth April 08, 2007
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