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Artistic and funny, she never talks good about herself but she always brings other people up. She is caring and deserves the world. Pretty insecure, but definitely cares a lot about her friends. Has a lot of talent, but never gives herself credit. Conrey holds everything together to make herself feel ok but that never worked. She is an amazing person who has tons of people who care about her, especially when she doesn't care about herself. She just wants to make things work for people around her, and her intentions always show. A perfect human that makes everyone around her smile, the most beautiful person you will ever meet. Bestest broski whomst be hella nice. She hella cute too. An amazing close friend and very open minded. She can share a good time of laughs to if needed.
Conrey is the bestestestestestest friend you could ever ask for and should not be taken for granted.
by PastelKitten14 June 08, 2018
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