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A common mispelling of Bright Eyes' Conor Oberst's first name. Many 'real' fans are of the opinion that if you dont know how to spell his name you are either ignorant, a teenie or mentally incompetent. Only real fans know how to spell, duh!

Other variations include Conner, Coner and Colin.
Fake Fan : 'I personally think Cassadaga is the best thing Connor Oberst has done. What do you all think?'

Real Fans : 'FUCK YOU, ASSHOLE!'

by cawnerr September 27, 2007
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The lead singer for the band Bright Eyes. His singing isn't anything too special but he more than makes up for that with his amazing lyrics. And also the way the music & singing sound together. He's also a cutie....

I kind of hate how we HAVE TO make up an example.

I just listened to this one song by Connor Oberst; It's pretty sweet.
by Laura Laurent. August 07, 2006
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