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Connor is one of the best people alive. He is an amazing boyfriend that will care about you for eternity. Connor Johnson often has freckles (also known as dots) but they’re never ugly in any way. He is the best thing that will ever happen in your life i guarantee it ;)
Connor Johnson, i’m so happy your my boyfriend!
by i died in a hole :) January 28, 2018
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Connor Johnson, is a huuuuuge douche. Small penis, has the potential for a huge heart but never realizes the potential. Every breath he draws is a waste of your air. Every Connor Johnson is a prime example of severe douchebaggery. they eat, sleep, and shit douche. So much douche. honestly its mind boggling. Naming your child Connor Johnson is like pronouncing to the world you've given birth to the spawn of Douchedom. Don't be a Connor Johnson!!
That guy is so bro-ed out, im surprised he doesn't have Connor Johnson Tatted to his forehead!
by B-Dizzler The Truth speaker December 04, 2014
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