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A Connisnorus is the most fearless mother fucker! It is the badass of all badasses in the universe. Not many know what the Connisnorus looks like as most that have seen one have been drank into such an unconsciousness that they couldn’t recall what happened. The Connisnorus can usually be found at a local watering hole, but make sure you think twice before approaching one. This animal is fearless, it will crack open a can of whoop ass and crack its victims skull like a fresh bottle of beer and then eat their brain and digest their thoughts cause it can. The Connisnorus throws caution to the wind like a fresh cup o’ cheese. This animal is most know for its “I don’t give a fuck” attitude topped off with the ability to drink and drink to only pass out for a little bit and go right back to the bottle. This creature is truly one of kind and should be feared!
by Ellis75 December 30, 2011
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