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Connie-Marie is an amazing special person that when you have her, someone else wants her. She has amazing style and she is a very loving person to the people that mean the most to her. Connie-Marie's can sometimes be a bit of a smart ass but generally they are being funny. A Connie can you make pee your pants at the most random thing that she says.
Connie-Marie's have a bit of a temper but know how to control it at all times. Connie-Marie can keep secrets and are trustworthy at all times.

Connie-Marie is beautiful and she knows that everyone loves her because she is just an amazing person that you cannot miss because of her love towards others.
Connie-Marie's have a great sense of humor and that's why we love her the most!
Amazing, Beautiful, Loving, Funny, Smart Ass at times, Special, Connie-Marie
by lilinez August 28, 2011
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