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Truly one of the most horrific, painful, disgusting, despicable shootings in American history. 26 innocent people at Sandy Hook Elementary school murdered. 20 of them being kids. All of the adults murdered were women. Every kid that was murdered was 7 years old or younger. After hearing the story for the first time, you literally break down into tears crying and thinking about all the innocent little kids and teachers who were murdered. And all of the kids that DID survive the Connecticut Shooting will never be the same. They had to see real live dead bodies, blood, fear, tears, and so, SO much more hell than the average person would see in their lifetime. These poor kids are scarred for life. And imagine all of the parents, grandparents, friends, aunts, uncles, cousins, etc. who lost loved ones in this shooting. Their lives will never be the same either. Everybody across America has been shaken by this tragic occurrence that took place on 12/14/12.
Rest in Peace to the following in the Connecticut Shooting, you will NEVER be forgotten:

Charlotte Bacon - Age: 6
Daniel Barden - Age: 7
Rachel Davino - Age: 29
Olivia Engel - Age: 6
Josephine Gay - Age: 7
Ana Marquez-Greene - Age: 6
Dylan Hockley - Age: 6
Dawn Hochsprung - Age: 47
Madeleine Hsu - Age: 6
Catherine Hubbard - Age: 6
Chase Kowalski - Age: 7
Jesse Lewis - Age: 6
James Mattioli - Age: 6
Grace McDonnell - Age: 7
Anne Marie Murphy - Age: 52
Emilie Parker - Age: 6
Jack Pinto - Age: 6
Noah Pozner - Age: 6
Caroline Previdi - Age: 6
Jessica Rekos - Age: 6
Avielle Richman - Age:6
Lauren Rousseau - Age: 30
Mary Sherlach - Age: 56
Victoria Soto - Age: 27
Benjamin Wheeler - Age: 6
Allison Wyatt - Age: 6
by ahhhhhhhhhhhhh10 December 19, 2012
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