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An affliction that has reached epidemic levels among young men, aged 18-35, largely in urban areas of the developed world (particularly Brooklyn, NY). Symptoms of the disease include chronic indecisiveness, disintegration of an emotional spine, lack of concentration, extreme selfishness, outbursts of childlike behavior, overly sappy whisperings toward partner followed quickly (sometimes in the same conversation) by unexplained emotional unavailability.

Research is showing that these r symptoms of some perceived or actual quarter life crises, also known as, not having one's shit together. Clinical trials for birthright trips back to the womb have yielded inconclusive results. On their own accord, a select few have seemingly grown the fuck up. They r now living life to its fullest potential.
Why good sir, the itchiness in your cold, tin loins is nothing other than a case of the Confused Boy Syndrome (CBS).
by bAG Of sUnShINe August 23, 2010
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