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People who go off ranting about how everyone should conform to a certain religion, government, economic structure, or culture and society. They will often judge you for going against the government, a corporation, an organized religion or cultural behaviors. These are often times teachers. They go off instead of teaching students to think for themselves, they teach them crap that is approved by someones standards.
I had this one conselor who was such a conformist preacher. She never taught me to stick up for myself, but just to accept other people "authority". Like I asked her for advise on how to deal with a pushy older cousin, and she told me that she is older than me, and I need to accept her authority, PERIOD.

Christian Apologists are such Conformist preachers too. They go out and criticize anyone who does not follow in their leaders theological system. And then they claim that their theological system is better by some form of bible thumping.

This teacher is such a conformist preacher. She punished me, despite the fact I did nothing wrong. Only because they are under the impression that thats just the way it is, and I could get in trouble for that.
by Jerry1341 May 15, 2010
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