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Confluborer: (n) Person who continues to awkwardly stumbles about in a wiggle manner.
Conbubbly: (v) The act of wobbling about.
Confluffory: (n) (adj) is a term used to describe a large amount of stimuli being precived by the LSD user. Things apear to be soft, fluffy, and all mish-mashed together in a speedy moving kind of way. Unorganized misfortune in every direction. It also is used to discribe anomolies during the "trip." A term was coined while under the influence of LSD.
Conflufifiedestumest: (LSD) Can not be explained or understood by anyone, period.
Steve's room was uterly trashed and his roommate wanted to know what all this confluffory was.

Sallies friends told her she was the Confluborer for being so wasted.

Tim walked out of the house tripping and aimlessly walking all Conbubbly like.

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