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A group of states that didn't like the way United States of America was going, so they said they weren't really part of the United States of America anymore. The rest of the country didn't like this, so they started a war. A lot of people think the war was fought over slavery, but that was just one issue among many. Most southerners didn't even own slaves, although most of the ones who did owned a lot of them. The next most common thing is to own one slave or no slaves.
If the Confederate States of America had won, things would be so much better now. People would've abolished slavery eventually and the Confederate States of America were much more for state rights than our government is today.
by Dr. Batido December 24, 2005
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The Southern states in the Civil war from 1861-1865 Consisted of 13 states: Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, Missouri, Louisiana, Texas, Kentucky, Tennessee, North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia, and Mississippi. Believed in States Rights and killed alot of Yankee Bastards but fought hard and lost
Tom: Hey Bill did you know Missouri is awesome and the rest of the south is too? Bill: No its not go Union and Obama is awesome !! We will be the Communist Union of the North. Tom: Youre going to burn in hell for eternity Bill We will cecede from you pigs and kill you all and be the Conservitive Republic of America and all our people will be happy and go to heaven becuase WE GO TO CHURCH !!! COnfederate States of America
by Dr.Redneck September 19, 2010
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