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Local rock band from the state of Oklahoma that failed to have a national following although accepted by a huge amount of underground fans in their home state.
The Confederate Angels were formed by founding band members J.D. Simpson (vocals) and Carl Thomas (lead guitar) and rounded out by bass player Ronny Cage and drummer Lenny "Len" Nelson.
The Angels were formed in 1992 and continued through late 1995 until the departure of Thomas after the last concert they played at Sparks,Oklahoma.The Angels recorded one demo c.d.for $800 in early 1996 and only had 1,000 copies printed.(A hard to find collectors item for fans)Cage and Nelson later slit to attend college in nearby Tulsa.
Simpson later reformed the Angels in 1997 eventually re-naming the band Swampfox.Swampfox lasted only a brief 9 months before members split due to the lack of interest.J.D. Simpson announced a solo project in May of 1998 and has not been heard from since.Some sources say he has moved to Miami,Florida and has opened a night club .Other sources announce that he has moved to unknown whereabouts in Texas.

by firesidechatter2000 October 28, 2008
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