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Abandoned buildings all over, an errie ghetto feel to it in a way more so then even Flatbush and other bad areas of brooklyn. Mermaid Avenue is a ghetto piece of crap. Go to Mermaid Avenue and West 19th street you will see how disgusting, hooker infested, run down it looks with its empty lots, hookers, and gang members ready to shoot you. Do not go West of Nathans, its the freaking damn worst ghetto ever. Nathans is good but Coney Island from Surf avenue and the Cyclone up is a shit hole.
Coney Island is a ghetto dump !

Go there when its dark and you will feel like your in a ghost, pathetic ghetto infested shit hole scary town. Its distusting. And good luck with going into Nathans Bathroom, thats almost as bad as the bathroom in the freak show you pay for 10 dollars. Its like a third world slum there in coney.

This place just has the worst run down look in Brooklyn, i'd say the top 2.
by Brooklyn person February 08, 2011
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