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An extreme power blumpkin utilizing the chemical reaction of Mentos and Diet Coke.

Ingredients: Mentos, 1 liter bottle of Diet Coke, enema bag, surgical glove, KY jelly, a willing female participant

Step 1: Use a Mentos as a suppository (surgical glove and
KY jelly optional)
Step 2: Proceed to fill your enema bag with Diet Coke
Step 3: Gentlemen, start your blumpkins!!!
Step 4: As climax approaches, insert enema wand and squeeze
bag converting blumpkin to power blumpkin.
Step 5: Take cover. (Due to immediate chemical reactions
that will ensue.)
Step 6: The enema bag having mixed with the Mentos should
fly out of your sphincter and jettison around the
bathroom like a cyclone spewing a geyser of soda
and fecal matter.
"Nicole's parents disowned her after they found that their house had been hit by the dreaded Coney Island cyclone."

(Her boyfriend had Taco Bell for lunch earlier that day.)
by Longshanks Blumpelstiltskin November 03, 2006
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