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Refers to a specific type of crazy, clingy girlfriend. A female so obsessed with the idea of having herself a sweet hubby and at least one adorable child and insecure in herself, will go out of her way to get pregnant and wrangle her boyfriend into a longterm relationship/marriage . If the guy is worth anything, his morals will force him into staying in order to raise his child.
Means of getting pregnant usually involve popping holes in condoms and/or lying about birth control methods and usage.
Common problems condom poppers face:
The guy wants nothing to do with having a family or raising the child
She has slept with many guys but is obsessed with one in particular. This often leads to questionable parenthood.
Her mental instability will cause irrational actions. Besides being controlling and emotionally abusive to her baby daddy, she may manipulate those around her into believing her the innocent, smart one of the relationship, the male as stupid and uncaring and may eventually call the cops on him for no good real reason. More often than not, she expects to be easily forgiven due to her baring his bastard offspring.
Many of these factors leads the male leaving and the condom popper becoming a single mom.
Jeanie is a total condom popper. That crazy bitch got pregnant when Roy was thinking of leaving her sorry ass. Now he's miserably raising a child with her even after she called the cops on him for saying she shouldn't leave the baby in a locked car in the middle of July.
by skeezemcgee June 06, 2015
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