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The act of intentionally tampering with a condom in order to negate its contraceptive properties. It is usually done in 2 different ways.

1) Using a pin to create a tiny, invisible hole in the surface of the condom, often through the wrapper. This allows the passage of semen at the point of male orgasm.

2) Snipping off the tip of the condom with scissors. When a johnny is pulled onto an erect penis, it allows the head of the penis to slide through, allowing some bareback sensation.
1) David sabotaged his condoms with a pin in a furtive attempt to get his girlfriend pregnant.

2) Stephanie had no idea Jamal had engaged in some condom sabotage behind her back. In the dim light she could see some rubber around his dick and was satisfied. She lay back, ready to take him inside her, unaware that the head of his penis was sticking out of the polo neck of prophylactic. He planned to enjoy her naked pussy, ejaculating inside her before it was too late.
by Stephrawr December 25, 2011
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