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Condom anxiety occurs when a guy is totally ready to go and then has to put on a condom, reminding him of the reasons one uses a condom: "Is she going to get pregnant?"; "Does she have an STD?" This frequently results in immediate loss of arousal and inability to perform. This condition is also prevalent among guys that were raised Catholic and taught that birth control is forbidden, calling to mind the fact that premarital sex is also forbidden and causing them to feel guilty about what they are about to do. See "Guilty Penis Syndrome."
"Dude, I saw you leave the bar with that hot chick... How was it? Did you rock her world?"
"Man, she was so into me and everything was going great until I went to wrap it up... I had a nasty condom anxiety attack and couldn't go through with it."
by Genebeeb October 06, 2009
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