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Guilty Penis Syndrome (GPS) occurs in young men with strong religious backgrounds, particularly Catholic, and manifests itself as feelings of remorse, regret, or inhibition immediately before, during, or after sexual intercourse. When it happens immediately before, they guy may suddenly abort his mission and abruptly flee. When it happens during sex, some men will stop mid-coitus as they are no longer able to perform, but most men will still finish, albeit with some degree of difficulty as they are distracted by the feeling that they "shouldn't be doing this..." When it happens afterward, the guy may behave strangely toward the girl he was with, often reacting with hostility and blaming the other person for his supposed misdeed.
"Hey, what happened with Paul? You two really hit it off at that party last week."
"Yeah, I was totally into him, and he came on strong so we went back to my place. We were all over each other, but when he took his shirt off I commented that I like the little gold cross he was wearing and he totally flipped out. He jumped up and literally ran out of my apartment. I don't get it, it was weird."
"Girl, don't worry about it. He obviously has Guilty Penis Syndrome. The same thing happened to me last year."
by Genebeeb October 06, 2009
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