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Conchetta is a very rare name and one of the most beautiful I've ever heard. Conchetta's are friendly, funny, trustworthy, loveable, pretty no they're beautiful, gorgeous, have pretty hair and a beautiful smile. The sound of their laughter is very unique and every time you hear her laugh you just want to laugh too, because this is one of the best sounds you'll ever get to hear. Conchetta's have a beautiful skin, it's just perfect. They have a beautiful body and a good style how they dress themselves. They are very ambitious, talented, smart and honest. If you have a conchetta as a best or good friend do everything to keep her because it is going to be one of the best things in your live that ever happens to you.

You always have a lot of fun with conchetta because she is a positive person and it's very funny to be around her.

She laugh about bad jokes just because it was that bad that it became funny again. You don't understand, well she does.
A: Oh my gosh she is gorgeous!! Who is she ?

B: Well she's pretty and clever it must me a conchetta.
by Bcjana July 12, 2016
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