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An 50+, ugly, disgusting, beastie, big female fattie that gets 1st or 2nd row at an Adam Lambert (standing room only) gig and doesn't in any way move for the entire show rather stands very still like she is at a snoozefest and even places earplugs in her ears. Concert Donkey's often complain of the crowd bumping into them and use their obesity to bully the petite, hot chicks in the surrounding area.

The Concert Donkey's arch nemesis is the heterosexual alpha male at said event.
Petite Hot Chick: like, this big old beast is leaning all her weight on me ... wtf??

Alpha Male: Don't worry, I'll switch places with you and put this Concert Donkey in her place with a bow to the ribs.

Concert Donkey: Gosh, this guy's elbow has been in my kidney for 2 hours ... I'm going to be pissing blood for a week.
by BreHill8791 August 28, 2010
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