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a girl who has attractive features or adorable but is not hot even though u can see how others do find her hot despite her lack of good looks.
some guys may find her hot due to their personality; but you still don't find them hot. you can acknowledge an attractive feature of them, but this(these) feature(s) do not carry her into the Hotness realm.
Ryan: o man u like Zoey Deschenelle?

Jeeb: not really, for me she's a concept face, i can see why u r getting a hard on for her but she is still not hot enough. she just has an attractive voice and nice eyes and adorable personality.

Ryan: on the other hand, do u like kristen stewart?

Jeeb: No Not at all, guys just like her attitude and because hollywood has brainwashed us all into thinking that crap
by ConanWasHere August 18, 2011
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