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Compusician - A term created to distinguish actual groups and solo musicians that practice their instruments tirelessly for 100s to 1000s of hours to be perfect for live replication compared to those who just press play on a laptop or don't replicate 100% of their compositions live. DJs and most pop music producers are compusicians.

Compusic - Music made with and played by computers.
It is mostly done with little to no live physical performance value which usually is a cheaper, quicker, and easier alternative to music played 100% live with legitimate performance value, played live in its entirety.

Genres such as Rap/Hip-hop, EDM, Dubstep, Chillstep/Chill, and House are perfect examples of this.

While, genres that are the opposite of this (Music) are: Metal, Rock, Classical, Jazz, and Electronic music done by bands.
1. DeadMau5 said DJs (even including himself) are button pushers and don't play anything live, therefore they're compusicians, not musicians.
Fellow DJ: Wow! Thanks for blowing our cover, Joel! You asshole!
Other DJ: Hey! I use just a drum pad live and everything else is from my computer, does that still count?!
Reply to DJs: No, it's still compusic.

2. They don't play 100% of the music live, where's the performance ethics in that? Even if its a band with ambience like at least 80% minimum is still performed live, though.
by Words From Some Guy July 11, 2018
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