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A sushi hand roll comprised of seaweed paper, tuna, crab meat, and avocado, but NO RICE! Make sure the sushi chef stuffs it big and fat and rolls it tight like a blunt.

I developed this while I was on the Adkins diet. I called it the Compton Roll to give it some street cred.

Yes dawg, Compton Cali, think N.W.A., Easy E and Ice Cube. That right!
(to sushi chef) Mmmmmm Yes, My bitch will have a California Roll, a Spider Roll, and a Rainbow Roll. You can hit me wit a few Compton Rolls so I can stay lean as well as mean. Start steppin' sushi boy!
by Lewis Ebersole January 28, 2008
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When you want people to think you have alot of money, but you don't so you put your biggest bill over (such as a twenty) over your smaller bills (such as ones) , so it looks thick. A reverse compton roll would be hiding your biggest bill, with smaller bills. So people think you're broke and don't hit you up for money.
I got a date because I showed my compton roll, she thinks I have alot of money.
by msdictionary23 May 30, 2009
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Rolling down the sides of the brown bag around a 40oz as the amount of liquor goes down in the bottle.
compton roll that shit
by staygoldy August 15, 2007
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