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The Compton Silly Straw is one of the most complicated sex moves on the planet. WARNING: It requires great flexibility, an average size penis, and no shame about having your penis touching another man's cock.

So to start off, you and three friends need to find a girl who would be down with a gang bang- or three on one action. After foreplay, or whatever you like to do, you perform the Compton Silly.

The three men participating in the orgy stand next to each other, forming a half circle around the girl. With string, yarn, or any type of rope, (preferably hemp rope) the males tie and bind their penis' together in unison to form one giant penis. While working together, the three male participants shove their three bound dicks up the girls vagina.

As if playing twister, the three men have sex with the one woman with their dicks tied together until orgasm.

Dude, you're not going to believe what happened last Saturday at Brad's house. Me, Tad, and Chad met up with Linda and did some kinky shit. Linda couldn't decide who she wanted more so the three of us got out the rubber bands and gave Linda the Compton Silly Straw!
by Fantastic Four, The four December 10, 2008
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