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(Derivative of "wurd" or "word") an interjection used to signify fundamental agreement with a statement that somehow touches you deep down in your person. "Compound" serves to give the saying extra weight, showing that the speaker has really thought out or feels the subject in question is inherent to their belief system.
1. Gandhi: An eye for an eye makes the whole world blind.
Muhammed Ali Jinnah: Compound wurd.

2. Ben Kenobi: "Luke, the force will be with you, always."
Luke: "Compound wurd, Ben."

3. Tyler: (Explaining the Fiona Apple video he just watched) That's a beautiful video! Shit. I love how she allows her forced seriousness to break a lot, and cracks a stifled smile. I feel like regina spektor might actually take some influence from her facial expression, some of it was really similar. But yeah, that song is really good. I remember you and Karen singing that one.. I love the chorus shift. And her controlled wobbly voice is really interesting...

Christof: Compound Wurd.

(In this example, it is apparent that Christof is emotionally wrenched by Fiona's artistry.)
by Bowtyler December 12, 2009
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