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Compleximplicity is the state of being confused. It of course derives from the two words complexed and simplicity. Its mostly used by people in songs, or in the streets of london.
Trexx : Oi blud, u know that gurl i was linkin wiv last week?

Tyrone : Yeh fam

Trexx : Turns out that her brother was sleepin wiv her but she didnt know that it was her brother and her brother is the ghost of a kitty that died in 1984, thier mum wich only her bro knew cried alot and then thier dad that only the gurl i was linkin wiv knew came in and said "Luke, I am your father".

Tyrone : wow... thats compleximplicity.


MC Poodle : My gels all low, shes not in the flow, go get sum shoes hoe, and walk out the door. My life in the city, little britain likes bitty, so blud, you can call this compleximplicity.
by Jay Tremain July 20, 2008
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