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'Como La Flor' is a Cumbia song that was made by Latin artist, Selena Quintanilla in 1992. The song was released on the album, 'Entre a Mi Mundo' and was one of Selena's greatest hits in her singing career. The song, 'Como La Flor' goes into detail about presumably a heartbroken woman losing her love to a man upon learning that he is now with someone else and has also given his love to that same person. However, even though the woman is saddened to see the love of her life move on to someone new, she wishes the couple the very best of luck in life. Hence the name, 'Como La Flor'. The flower mentioned in the song describes the woman's love life. As a flower, it needs love, care, and attentiveness. If that flower were not to receive the care that is needed in order to keep it healthy and alive, then that flower would shrivel up and die. Just like the woman's love for her old lover in the song, that love had compassion and tenderness; a type of love that is similar to that of a flower. When learning of her loved one's new lover, the woman's heart grew weaker and weaker until it was (figuratively) completely wilted from the loss of her sweetheart's love; again like a flower. Even if the woman is deeply hurt over the fact that her man gave his love to another person, she has come to accept it. This still pains the woman though, as she still loves her ex boyfriend.
Como la flor crece, también lo hace su profundo y perdurable amor el uno por el otro. Si ese amor fuera a morir, al igual que la flor también.

As the flower grows, so does their deep, abiding love for one another. If that love were to die, as would the flower too.
by CumbiaLover1971 February 20, 2017
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