What the far left and tankies like constantly LARP about. To them, a revolution is a glorious battle where they, the proletariat, led by a brave leader will stand together against the evil bourgeoisie and it's supporters, where they will ultimately prevail against them, and rebuild the world (or country) to a glorious communist utopia. In reality however, almost, if not all would end with the leader and his buddies usurping control over the previous government, which usually led to a totalitarian or authoritarian government. Stalin, Lenin, Mao, Castro, Ceausescu, all of them end up running their "communist utopia" into the ground, starved their population for "equality" while they and the party elite stuff their fat stomachs with food that would have the populace begging to have, executes any dissidents to the state which include intellectuals, people who have glasses, people who happened to be even a slightly richer than the populace, people who speaks against the state, class traitors, etc, have absolutely zero respect to human rights and freedom whatsoever, and in some cases, commiting genocide against several people who either refused to bow to the supreme leader and the party or "necessary" ethnic cleansing. Apparently to them, THIS is the change needed in the US and the West.
Tankie: America is oppressing workers and made me unemployed despite me doing no effort whatsoever to better myself. We need to incite a communist revolution, right now or else our chains will never go away. Glory to the Revolution!!

Center-leftist: Damn, those tankies really are detached from reality huh?
Demsoc: I think America and capitalism has several issues they must be fixed and addressed, but it should be fixed from within by democratic means, not a communist revolution that will throw the state into shit and cause several atrocities and suffering for it's own people and workers that they claim to protect and support.
by Mr hurr durr April 23, 2022
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