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A collection of skills involved to the 'art' of talking to others, especially in a medical setting.

Essentially, these skills consist of things that every person does when conversing with others, but the important difference lies in the way that these actions have been identified, over-thought and then re-named with complicated explainations attached to them.

N.B: When describing Communication Skills, be sure to include references to studies conducted by people with too much time and a gift for spotting tiny details of communication that nobody else cares about. Finally, when employing the skills described above, ensure that you face the person you are talking to and lean in towards them, at a 45 degree angle. If you fall over when attempting this, don't worry; you can discuss how much more difficult communication is when you have a mouth full of floor.
"...Oh no, not Communication Skills again- what rubbish- I learned to talk years ago..."
by Dr. Bob Kelso March 12, 2010
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