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An individual who has gained a large following among members of the American Tea Party and/or other quasi-politcal groups. This person is easy to identify due to their constant facial scowl and constant litany of opinions and insults against any people who do not agree with him. This is his/her way of making sure their followers do not start thinking too much...after all it is the Common Sense Guru's job to do the thinking. Sometimes, however, this is problematic, due to the Guru's exclusive reliance on the "common sense", which is unfortunately both uncommon and subjective.
Typical words of a Common Sense Guru:

"We the people need better jobs but we don't want anyone else to have better jobs...'cause we have common sense and they don't"

"Let's stop paying teachers so much...that money needs to go to a better place, like the pocket of your Common Sense Guru"
by Saiga12 April 14, 2011
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