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A place where there is a lot of fast food. You will most likely die of a heart attack or be very overweight, or both. There are a lot of fat fucks around here and most of them are dumb ass rednecks. There is a Wal-Mart there that is filled with white trash hicks and beaners and every thing has been opened or stolen or in just shitty quality. The Home Depot here is fucking ridiculous because you can't go any where in that store with out an employee looking over your shoulder or just asking if you need any help. Every house in this terrible city is a fucking trailer. The only place that is at least worth going to is the Tanger Outlets. Other than that, every thing sucks.
"Hey, Clifton, let's go out to eat somewhere."
"Well shoot, we might as well go to Commerce, GA."

"God dang-it, I ran out of hot-dog buns, might as well go to that Wal-Mart."

"I can't fucking stand these hillbillies, they're fucking every where in this god damn Wal-Mart looking for shit to buy!"

"Fuck, my house is being foreclosed, might as well go to Commerce and buy me one of them cheap trailers in the middle of nowhere..."
by bobbisue October 19, 2009
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