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The sequel to C&C: Tiberian Sun, it supposedly takes place in the year 2042 where nearly all of the world is infected with Tiberium and the world is divided into 3 zones, the blue zone, which covers about 20 or 30% of the world where the GDI are and the Western world remains and in the blue zone there is very few tiberium infections and tiberium hasn't plagued the blue zones...yet. Blue zones are located in the cold climates of the Earth where tiberium doesn't grow well. Yellow Zones make up the majority of the world, Yellow zones have moderate tiberium contamination and there are still unfortunate people who live in the yellow zones as well as Nod forces. Red Zones make up about 20% of the Earth and contains very dense Tiberium contamination and has been rendered almost completely uninhabitable to humans, humans who live in the red zones will most likely mutate into shiners (tiberium mutants who make up a faction called "The Forgotten") Also, there is talk of a 3rd faction in C&C 3 (Just as you had Ordos in Dune, Yuri in Red Alert and the GLA in Generals) I hope there is going to be a third faction, but there is a debate going on on what the third faction will be (The Forgotten, the Scrin or some new race, it's most likely going to be the Scrin aliens) It is said that C&C 3 will be released in 2007
Command & Conquer 3 better be as good and impacting or better than C&C: Tiberian sun, because we had to wait 8 damn years for the sequel!!!!!!!
by The Harmeister July 27, 2006
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