When a person you wouldn't expect (such as a jock or a cheerleader) openly admits to playing video games or pen and paper RPGs (like Dungeons and Dragons).
"I can't keep lying like this. I play Dungeons and Dragons. I am officially coming out of the basement"
"But you're the school quarterback!"
by Christopher Sturz January 14, 2007
When a marijuana user reveals their habits to friends and family. Derived from the practice of smoking in the basement (can be seen on That 70's Show for example)
Guy: "I thought Kent was a super clean cut guy, who only drank?"
Girl: "Nah, dude. I heard that Kent's coming out of the basement. He bong rips on the daily!"
Guy: "Ohhh. So that's how he's always flying high."
by Ten Points to Ravenclaw November 29, 2018