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The "capture" of popular and reputedly progressive comedy shows by various industries which wield influence over stakeholders within particular corporate parent companies and networks, which in turn borrow from certain comedians' or comic writers' reputations as independent-minded social critics, cashing in this artistic credence to advance the interests of industries or political lobbies which these artists and performers might otherwise be expected to satirize and expose.

The term comicapture is related to "regulatory capture", an expression originated by Woodrow Wilson to signify the phenomenon of state regulatory agencies which were created to act in the public interest but which instead advance the commercial or special interests that dominate the industries the agencies are charged with regulating.
Did you see Comedy Show X last week? It's sad when comedy commits suicide and comes back from the dead as a zombie infomercial. The show is totally comicaptured and I'm wiping it off TiVo before it eats my brain.
by 4Gatos October 08, 2011
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