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Comfy Wumfies tend to be consistently cheerful people who insist--nay, demand--that the world be a 'nice place'. They enforce this belief by wearing T-shirts with kittens, or large, chunky, homemade sweaters. They believe in 'the environment', but can't be bothered to recycle. They eschew any movie/book/musical offering that they see as 'nasty'. They tend to move and mate in groups, forever having 'get togethers' where they can talk in a sort of sing song babytalk about how their boss is 'such a poo'. They praise Mac Computers, but only because their fellow granola eaters told them to. Sex with a Cumfy Wumfy is not advised, unless one likes rainbows, unicorns, or bad poetry.
Teachers, herbal store employees, burnt out Grateful Dead fans, anyone who looks back on the Sixties as 'paradise, man.'
by Ultraboy June 05, 2005
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