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A Comedy Translator, or C**T, is someone who feels it absolutely necessary to ensure that everyone enjoyed and (more importantly) understood a joke or television programme, or play, or comedian, or toilet visit as much as they did, personally.

The Comedy Translator will routinely bring up elements of a joke or performance that most people would consider throwaway, or have understood anyway, in order to debate them, and in turn, prove how intelligent they are by having spoken to you about it.

The irony of the Comedy Translator is that despite their comedy name, they are widely hated.
Comedy Translator: "God, that was absolutely HILARIOUS, don't you think?!"

You: "Yeah, I suppose it was quite good"

C**T "No, no, no, no. It was HILARIOUS, did you get that bit when he brought the cat in, and he was stuffing it into her face?! That was an in-joke about famine, I know this because it was on his '1984 At The Palladium' re-released DVD commentary..."

You: "Absolute silence on the way home, please"
by NutsNGum September 13, 2011
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