1). When a guy takes you by suprise by his appearence

2). In any online videogame, when you are killed by a surpise attack by an unknown assailent, you say "he came from the bushes and got me"

3). when i guy, preferably of the African-American race, comes from the bushes/shrubs to suprise his victim.
Guy1: boo!, got your ass
Guy2: ya you sure did scare me, you must have come from the bushes.
Sniperking55: man ThatPurpIeStuff just chainsawed me like a fag and i didnt even see him dude, he must have came from the bushes.
by Zach Mason January 28, 2008
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Used as a way to tell someone that they are stupid. Can also be said as "Come from Bush."

context: When a reporter asked a resident of a third world country about how it is like to live there, he asked a man how he lost his leg. The man who was missing a leg simply replied: "we don' know who did it but all we know is that they come from bush and go BOOM! BOOM! BOOM!"
Jake: "So what is it like to live here in Uganda, I see you lost your leg."
abbo: "we don' really know wah happened, all we know is dat they come from Bush and go BOOM! BOOM! BOOM!"

Teacher: "What is 2+2?"
You: "5"
Teacher: You Come from Bush.
by LT boi February 6, 2018
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