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n. v., pron: 'k'öm-bätt rïmm'
(1) the unbearable non-stop itch sensation in and around the anus, resulting from prolonged exposure to the harsh climates/conditions, non-permissive, high stress and unhygienic environments encountered in combat. One obtains the condition by neglecting to thoroughly clean themselves after a dump rushed to completion due to surprise contact taken from the enemy;
(2) a violent never-ending itching sensation obtained via use of government issued sub-standard, under-moistened/dry wipes and/or cleaning materials over an extended period; (3) an impossible-to-resist urge to aggressively dig in one's ass as a result of under-cleaning the post-dump anus and surrounding crack. Combined with stress-induced, irritated hemorrhoids, this can be a most unpleasant, insanity-inducing experience.
-Corporal 1: "Hurry your simple ass up!"

-Corporal 2: "FUCK OFF! I'm droppin' a deuce! I'll be done in a minute!!"



-Corporal 2: "AW FUCK!! I'M GONNA GET SUCH BAD COMBAT RIM!"*pulls up pants/returns fire*
by BlackhawkDown August 18, 2013
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