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A short-lived band out of Sonoma, California. They made and performed experimental, psychedelic, and hard rock. They were classy as shit, and never before has there been a band anywhere near them in style, originality, or sheer awesomeness. The tragedy of the Coma Lilies is that as a band they released less than 90 minutes of music, before having a total band shakedown. The Coma Lilies became SH@, which is the single most dissapointing, most poser, most disgusting band ever.

Lines that describe the Coma Lilies: the very essence of all that is good and awesome, a universe of lust and perfection, classy as shit, the band God made to make up to the travesty that the Coma Lilies would become.
Lines that describe SH@: the very essence of all that is poser and shit, a universe of disgusting duck turds, pure anti-class, the band that God made to balance out the pure euphoria that the Coma Lilies would cause in their lifetime.

P.S. I am not promoting the Coma Lilies out of any commercial obligation. I am merely trying to spread the word about the musical rock personification of God.
The song 'Penis Envy' by the Coma Lilies, will be the best 8 and a half minutes of your life, every time you listen to it. Their music can be found on their Myspace page www(dot)myspace(dot)com/thecomalilies
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