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A Columbum is one who never leaves the great city of Columbia, Md. Believe it or not many of these people are actually proud of the fact that they live in Columbia.
It is easy to tell who the proud ones are because they are doing the same exact things every night of the week. Which is going to one of four extremely shitty bars including, Nottinghams, Sonomas, Ale House, or Michaels. If one were to leave columbia for 5 to 10 years and then return to one of these bars you would notice that the Columbums are still there doing the exact same thing they were doing 5 to 10 years ago. If your not one of these people who drinks reguarly than you are an extreme pot head who feels that they have to flaunt the fact that they smoke pot. Stop being proud that you smoke weed and just smoke it. Either way look for the columbum to still be walking out of their parents basement anywhere from the ages of 22-35.
by Ex-Columbum October 28, 2005
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