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Typically performed after a bad breakup. A girl travels to a lucky man's house following her previous breakup. She proceeds to give the lucky man a blow job. As he is about to come, she has him ejaculate on a flat surface. The girl proceeds to snort his ejaculate then leave the premises. She will then keep the ejaculate in her nose until she arrives her Ex-boyfriends house at which time he will answer the door and she will spit a cum-lugee in her EX's face.
"Hey did you hear about what happened to Tim after he broke it off with Julie?"

"Nah but she must have really flipped they were together forever."

"You bet your candy ass she flipped, She met up with Dave, drove back to Tim's and gave him the Columbian Smuggler!"
by Magna Cum Lugee April 07, 2009
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