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A competitive swim team in Columbia, Maryland. The team is divised into 2 groups where mostly young swimmers are, ages usually 7-10 I think............ Then there are 6 Age groups I think there may be more but each group is expected to be able to swim a certain amount yards and show good examples of trying hard in practice as well as meets. Then there are the top 3 groups Juniors, Seniors, and Senior Elite. Swimmers in the Juniors group are usually ages 12-14 and are able to swim 500 yards without much discomfort. They must show examples of leadership, hardwork, integrity, and give support to their fellow swimmers. Seniors are usually ages 14-16 I think.....I don't know because I'm not in that group. Anyway they must be able to swim 700 yards without discomfort, show integrity, attend practices reguraly, show support to fellow swimmers, push themselves to their limits and should try some of the harder events in swim meets. Lastly are the Senior Elites these people are selected by the head coach and must fufill the head coaches certain standards in order to be in Senior Elite. These are the swimmers that you should look up to and take advice from to get a advantage in swimming, these are the fastest swimmers in the team. They have a rigorous exercise schedule that promotes excellence. You should be proud of yourself if you get to this group as you acheived something not many can do. These swimmers must be able to swim exquisitly long distances without discomfort, be perfect role models to younger swimmers, must show dicipline when and attend practice probably 99.9 percent of the time, The Senior Elites are the people you should be afraid of and intimidated if your racing in one of their events as they show no mercy and always go for it ALL. Columbia Clippers practice at the Supreme Sports Club in MD, as well as the Swim Center. The head coach is Jeff (I don't think I'm allowed to put his last name) if you want good tips or help on your swimming skill this si the guy to go to. Another Coach you should look out for is Coach Mark as he usually as some pretty decent tips on maximizing the effort you put into your practices. Coach Jeff and Mark also like to joke around with each other and like to occasionally like to bother a swimmer called Gilbert(Jill-bear) is how you pronounce it. Its a name of french origin, if you are interested in swimming, and want to consider "Going for the Gold" or want to swim in the Olympics, this is the team you should go to.
Newscaster: In other news the swimming community was shocked to see a swimmer beat Michal Phelps in the 200m butterfly, apperantly this swimmer is said to have gained his swimming skill from a swim team known as the Columbia Clippers.
by Taylor, Samuel January 23, 2008
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