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The act of being a Gummy Bear, while being overly obsessed with turtles. Adorable at all times, and a lover of Asian songs. Can often be quoted as saying "Stop that" "No" "Bad" and "Tisk Tisk." Is madly in love with Randy Schiffelbein and plans to live in his basement for all of eternity, with his dominatrix wife Gleason. Gleason likes leather and sucking on Colotonism's ... toes. Colotonism is the creator of the popular game Pretty Pretty Princess. The inspiration for this game came from his personal fantasies and both he and his wife are proud of the game's success. Colotonism is often found wandering around wearing a small sailor costume, enjoying the company of Meade. Please do not tell his wife. Colotonism's childhood was spent dreaming of little sailors such as Captain Meelheim and eventually met his dream when he attended SUNY Gaytime. It seems that everything, and everyone one, that Colotonism wants he sets his mind on and conquers. Like his ability to translate Asian songs into British.
Ryan is the founder of Colotonism and believes Colotonism is not only a religion, but also a way of life. He is active in every part of the Colotonism and is a caring, compassionate, and submissive young man.
by Colontism's Mommy March 19, 2008
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