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1. A (vaguely) sexually related act that involves substantial planning to pull off.

- Step 1: Freeze a good portion of urine, the night before the planned sunshining
- Step 2: The next day, wake up early. If the sunshinee is woken, pretend you're making her breakfast or something.
- Step 3: Using a snow cone machine, turn the frozen pee into a slushee consistency.
- Step 4: Form a snowball with the slushee pee
- Step 5: Run into the room, yell "GOOD MORNING, SUNSHINE!" and pelt that bitch in the face with your Colorado Sunshine.

2. Refers to the sunshine, if in Colorado.
Bitch gave me herpes, so I decided to gift her with a bright Colorado Sunshine.
by sssssspunk October 12, 2009
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