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Hundreds of thousands of people moved to Colorado, especially Denver and Colorado Springs, starting in 2014 for the legal weed and generous government benefits. Colorado

Carpetbaggers are entitled, obnoxious, pushy people throwing around their money in designer yoga pants while driving either a Subaru or a Mercedes-Benz.

These people paid premium rental prices so they could open and work in MJ dispensaries or grow centers starting in 2015 and totally drove housing prices through the roof. Colorado is now an state with "a very 'high' cost of living" and a burgeoning homeless problem to boot....Go away Colorado Carpetbagger.
Colorado Carpetbaggers come here, exploit this cool fun city , drive irresponsibly while overrunning the natives, and leaving them where natives can't afford to live here. They take advantage of the kind polite folks by making demands and then complain about the price later.

So Take your entitled Colorado Carpetbagger ass back to where you came from. Then Colorado Carpetbagger, get a real job where nobody subsides you and driving while you are stoned is illegal.
by Charlemagne784 November 21, 2017
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