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Saloon-sound ("boogie-woogie") version of "Theme from Bridge Over the River Kwai".
Jazz-band leader, addressing the saloon patrons over the PA system: "Okay, now we're gonna play the Colonel Boogie March; feel free to sing --- er, I mean **whistle** --- along. Okay, fellas --- an' a-one, an' a-two, an' a-three, an' a-four..."
Audience: "Wheestle --- whuh-whoo-whoo-WHEE-WHEE-whoooo... wheestle --- whuh-whee-whuh-whoo-whoo-whaahh... wheestle... whuh-whee-whuh-WHEE-whoh.... whuh-whee-whuh-whee-whuh, whuh-whee-whuh, whee-whoooooo...."
by QuacksO July 24, 2018
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