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A useless police force created to bring in revenue for the city of Collegedale, TN. They tend to abuse their power by bullying the citizens of Collegedale. They don't seem to attempt to stop burglaries or drug trafficking in the area, but will rudely bang on your door at 5 AM to complain about your parking job on your own damn driveway. They have also been known to kill suspects when the situation doesn't call for it. They can charge and get you convicted for anything, because the current judge doesn't seem to care if you are innocent or not.
Joe went 40 in a 35 mph zone and pulled over when he saw a Collegedale police officer behind him. Instead of a warning of a ticket, he got arrested and had his car illegally searched.

Broke Driver: The Collegedale police gave me a $90 ticket for going 90 in a 50, but I can only get up to 60 in my Geo Metro.
Sympathetic Friend: Yup they always add 15-30 mph on a ticket to make you look worse to the Judge so that life is harder for you.
by Proud Tennessean July 18, 2009
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